Local tour guide licensed by Takashima city in Shiga Prefecture

Why don't you have a trip with the local tour guide to enjoy in Takashima area?
Here we introduce the licensed local tour guides in Takashima city. They have rich and special knowledge for Takashima city because they got a lot of training courses held by Takashima city.
Traveling with them, you will surely have a precious time in Takashima area. They are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Language : English

The guides are licensed by Takashima city, so they can guide only in Takashima area.

The guide fee (including tax)
①A half day( maximum 4 hours) : 13,200 yen
②One day (maximum 8 hours) : 22,000 yen
*Transportation fare, entrance fee and cost of food are not included in the guide fee.

The maximum number of people for one guide is 6 people.
*For example, if you would like to travel in a group of 20, you need to hire 4 guides.

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions anytime through e-mail.
*It takes a few days to respond to your e-mail.
*You can contact each guide directly without contacting us.




ABLE TAKASHIMA/高島市地域通訳案内士連絡協議会

今北 あや子
Ayako Imakita

  • Takashima is really wonderful and visiters should consider treating their 5 senses to a relaxing day visit to the rural pleasures to be found here. I know a lot about this area especially the area near my home in Kutsuki. I will be able to show you some of the deeper treasures of Takashima. From my experience, staying at rural hostels while travelling in Europe I understand the heart of the country by meeting local people during my journey. Remote areas need extra time to reach but offer great satisfaction! Takashima is the perfect place to persue my passions of growing vegetables, climing mountains and singing gospel music and I hope to share that feeling with visiters.


  • その他

    大江 利博
    Toshihiro Oe

    • Hello. Toshihiro Oe. 'I'm a 72-year-old local man. Call me 'Chikara' for short. After high school, I had ten years of urban life in Kyoto and Tokyo. At 28, I came back to become a high school English teacher. Why? The scenery from JR Kosei line was too magnificent to stay away. and I thought it precious to live with growing kids here. I enjoyed climbing with students. Now I devote in taking care of vegetable gardens and our grandson. In addition to my own experiences I have heard a lot from my late grandmother and the people of her age about the life and incidents they had near Lake Biwa. Come see and hear.

      こんにちは。大江利博です。当地生まれ、72歳の男性です。ちから と呼んでください。高校卒業後、京都と東京で10年の都会暮らしをして28歳でUターン。湖西線からの素晴らしい景色に惹かれたのです。高校の英語教員になって、生徒たちと登山を楽しみました。現在は野菜作りと孫の守に専念中。私自身の体験に加えて、祖母やその年代の方々から湖辺の暮らしや出来事についてたくさん聞いています。見に来て。聞きに来て。

    • その他

      岸田 拓実
      Takumi Kishida

      • Hello, there! I was born and raised in this Takashima city. My hobbies are visiting shrines and temples, taking pictures, snowboarding and all outdoor activities. Shinto, buddhism and pictures are my strong fields. Our place is really rich in nature so water from this area is very mild and delicious. With the water, we can make great Sake and rice. If you taste once, you may not able to have other sake and rice.
        I love this city, and I want more and more people to know the attractions of Takashima. Let me give you precious experience!

        こんにちは!は高島で生まれ育ちました。寺社仏閣巡り、写真、スノーボード、アウトドアなどが好きです! 高島は本当に自然が豊かで、まろやかで美味しい水が自慢です。美味しい水で作ったお酒やお米は絶品です! この町が大好きで、もっともっとたくさんの人に高島の魅力を知って欲しいと思いガイドを始めました。 大切な思い出を一緒に作りましょう!

      • その他

        杉原 正志
        Tadashi Sugihara

        • He has been a guide-interpreter in French since 2009 and also in English since 2014. This national guide, who has already been engaged by plenty of foreigners in all around the Japan, from Hokkaido to Kyushu, also loves Takashima, where he has been living since 2015. His hobbies are swimming, running and riding a bicycle.


        • その他
        • KOTO GUIDE JAPON(English/French/Japanese)▶kotoguidejapon.com


          滝田 大
          Hiroshi Takita

          • Welcome to Takashima! I want to share the appeal of Takashima with you.
            Every morning, I take a walk with my dog Lucky. The atmosphere around the air and sky, scenery of the town always makes me happy. I feel happy just by living here. My wife and I love traveling and visit various countries. At that time we enjoy the time with the local guide. So next time, we would like to welcome you our happy Takashima.


          • その他

            滝田 洋子
            Yoko Takita

            • I like traveling and I have good memories of my trips in foreign countries. I would like guests from overseas to enjoy the nature and the local food of Takashima City. And I would love to help you make your stay in Takashima more memorable and enjoyable. Let's have fun together.


            • その他

              古川 朝巳
              Tomomi Furukawa

              • I like workout and visiting temples and shrines. Besides being a licensed tour guide, I am a teacher at a private school. What is the most important is adopting the words and expressions that my students can understand. In my tour, this will enable you to have a great time in Takashima. I am looking forward to seeing you.

                私の趣味はワークアウトと神社仏閣巡りです。ガイド活動の他に塾の講師もしており「相手が理解できる表現」で指導することを心掛けております。 ガイド活動においても「相手が理解できる表現」で案内することを心掛け挑みたいと思います。皆様とお会いできることを楽しみにしております。

              • その他

                堀井 初美
                Hatsumi Horii

                • Hello! I'm Hatsumi Horii. Call me Hatsumi! I'm a licensed English guide interpreter of Takashima city. I love traveling. I like to enjoy meeting people and discovering new things during my trip. My hobby is watching movies and walking. I'm looking forward to guiding the foreigners coming to Takashima. Takashima has attractive life cultures and history of people who lived with Biwako. Biwako is the biggest lake in Japan. Takashima has a lot of nature and beautiful scenery. You can see beautiful scenery all year round. I would love to introduce them. I'm getting excited to do it. Let's go on Takashima tour together!!!!! Let's enjoy together!!!!!

                  こんにちは。堀井 初美(ほりい はつみ)です。高島市地域通訳案内士です。私は、旅行が大好きです。旅先でのいろいろな人との出会いと新しい発見を楽しむのが好きです。趣味は、映画鑑賞と歩くことです。高島に来てくださった外国人のお客様を案内させてもらうのがとても楽しみです。高島には、琵琶湖(日本一大きい湖)と共に暮らしてきた人々の魅力的な生活文化や歴史があります。そして、四季折々の美しい自然いっぱいの景色が見られます。ぜひ、みなさんにその魅力を紹介したいです。わくわくしてきました。さあ!一緒に高島ツアーに出かけましょう。そして、楽しみましょう!

                • その他

                  松井 朋美
                  Tomomi Matsui

                  • Hello! It's TOMO from Takashima! When I stayed in other countries, I was so impressed local people's mind, and very excited to know different cultures!! So, It's my turn!!! I would love to give you a special time in Takashima. Takashima has a rich nature and beautiful lake. My favorite things to do here are especially SUP, Hiking, Camping, and going Hot springs. I'm really happy to show you around and share the time with you!! I like to eat and drinking, too! If You're interested, I would love to cook Japanese food and have Sake together!
                    More about me, I like making sweets, go horse trekking, and enjoy dancing Hula. Let's be a friend!!!


                  • その他

                    宮田 恵美子
                    Emiko Miyata

                    • I was born and raised here, so I know Takashima well. Especially Imazu-cho is familiar with everywhere. So please leave it to me. In addition, I have been guiding foreigners as volunteers for many years. I am also closely involved with ALT teachers living in imazu-cho and have a good relationship. I would like to make use of that experience as a translator guide.


                    • その他

                      薬師川 阿佐美
                      Asami Yakushigawa

                      • Hello from Takashima!
                        I like walking along the lake, growing vegetables, arranging flowers and making a delicious cup of matcha(green tea). I enjoy my life here.
                        It would be my pleasure to share the beauty and peacefulness of my loving town with you. I'm looking forward to meeting you!


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                        石黒 司
                        Tsukasa Ishiguro

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                          村田 一着
                          Itchaku Murata

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