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Makino Area

Makino town is located in the northern part of Takashima city. We have a lot of Cherry trees in Kaizu Osaki and Makino Sunny Beach along the Lake Biwa. At the foot of Mt. Akasaka, Makino Heights, Makino Pick-land, a hot spring, and a skiing area are nice places for tourists.

"Sakuranamiki" (Row of Cherry Trees)

About 800 Yoshinno cherry trees are in full bloom in spring, you can enjoy walking under the tunnel of beautiful cherry blossoms. You can also enjoy blossoms from the boat on the lake.
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"Kosuiyoku" (Bathing in the lake )

At Takagi-Hama Beach and Chinai-Hama Beach you can enjoy swimming. They are most beautiful beaches in Lake-Biwa which are chosen as 100 excellent bathing beaches in Japan in 2006.

"Sanpodo" (Path)

You can enjoy walking from Lake Biwa to the highland, from the highland to the mountains of the central watershed. Especially the brick-red road along with metasequoias on both side which is 2.4km long runs from "Makino Pick-land" to "Makino Highland."


Makino area has a lot of drizzling rain called "Takashima Shigure" in late fall. And in winter you can enjoy snow scenes quite different from other seasons.

Makino Sunny Beaches
Makino Sunny Beaches
  • Tel:0740-28-1206(Takagi-Hama)
  • Tel:0740-27-0325(Chinai-Hama)

Takagi-Hama Beach and Chinai-Hama Beach were chosen as a choice of "100 bathing beaches" by Ministry of the Environment. They are beautiful large beaches with white sand, clear water and mountains for a background.

Makino Pic-land
Makino Pic-land
  • Tel:0740-27-1811

Makino Pic-land is a huge fruits farm where a straight road along with rows of metasequoia runs through. You can enjoy picking various fruits, such as cherries, blue berries, grapes, chestnuts, and apples. Enjoy picking and eating them.

Makino Highland
Makino Highland
  • Tel:0740-27-0936

Makino Highland is a campsite for schoolchildren and sports training. It is the starting point of the mountain climbing route to Mt. Akasaka. Please be refreshed at an Onsen "Sarasa" in Makino Highland.

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A lakeside scene in "important cultural scenery" Kaizu / Nishihama/ Chinai

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