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Kutsuki Area

An ancient road called "Saba-Kaido" (mackerel road) remains through the mountains in Kutsuki. From Sengoku era to Edo era (1500-1800) through this road people carried seafoods including mackerels (saba) from Fukui prefecture to Kyoto. Through the road people in the village got not only merchants and goods but also the culture with them. Recently many people visit here to know about its history. Please come and feel something historical in Kutsuki.

"Buna-Genseirin" (Primeval Forests of Beeches)

Primeval forests of beeches are spread in the Sangokudake hill where borders Kyoto. It's said that they are the balometer how much abundance we have.They will make you satisfied with the mysteries of nature.

"Saba-Kaido" (Mackerel Road)

Kutsuki Ichiba (Kutsuki Market) was once a place for the peddler's staying. They took a rest with enjoying the various views of the villages in every season.

"Kosyoji Temple"
(The Garden in the old Syurinji Temple)

Ashikaga-Teien (Ashikaga Garden) is in Kosyoji Temple. The garden was built by Takakuni Hosokawa about 500 years ago. He built it to comfort Shogun Ashikaga Yoshiharu who stayed here for three years.

"Nichiyo Asaichi" (Sundays Morning Market)

You can buy the special products at "Michi no Eki (Kutsuki Shinhonjin)" (Road Station) from 7:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. every Sunday and national holidays. Many people come and enjoy shopping here.

Maruhachi Hyakkaten
Maruhachi Hyakkaten (Maruhachi Supermarket)
  • Tel:0740-38-3711

You can buy the special products in Kutsuki at Maruhachi Supermarket. They also have a free lounge, a coffee shop, and a Japanese-style room. You can get the information about "Saba-kaido" .Please enjoy your shopping !

The Green Park Omoide-no-Mori
The Green Park Omoide-no-Mori (Forest of The Memories)
  • Tel:0740-38-2770

The Green Park Omoide-no-Mori is a park enclosed by a beautiful forest with a lot of facilities, such as a restaurant, a mountain villa, a multipurpose ground, a gym, and some huts. You can also enjoy an Onsen " Tenku" near there.

Kutsuki Ikimono Fureai no Sato
Michi no Eki (roadside rest area) Kutsuki Shinhonjin
  • Tel:0740-38-2398

Kutsuki Shinhonjin opened in 1987 and restores the function of the Kutsuki town manor house with a modern flair. The morning market held every Sunday and holiday is particularly popular and bustles with many tourists.

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Mackerel sushi is one of the famous Kyoto cuisines, and is a treat to be eaten at festivals and the entertainments of the four seasons. The mackerel brought ashore at the Wakasa Bay shoreline on the Sea of Japan side was salted and transported by cart over the mountains to the towns of Kyoto far from the sea.

Top / Area Guide : Kutsuki Area