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Use of This Website

The official website of Biwako Takashima Tourist Association (http://www.takashima-kanko.jp/en/) (hereinafter "Website") provides a wide range of information on Biwako Takashima Tourist Association (hereinafter "Association") and is operated by Association or an entity that is entrusted with the operation of Website.
You are required to use Website following the terms of use specified below (hereinafter "Terms of Use"). You are deemed to agree with the followings by using this service. Please understand in advance that Terms of Use may be changed without notice.

Use of This Website

  • Those who use Website (hereinafter "Users") shall comply with all the related laws and regulations and their equivalents in using it.
  • Its service may be suspended without notice for the maintenance of Website.

Intellectual Property Right

  • The intellectual property rights relating to all the information on texts, images, videos, programs, etc. posted on Website (hereinafter "Contents") belong to Association or the entity providing Contents to Association and are protected by laws and equivalents regarding intellectual property rights.
  • You may not copy, modify, translate, send, disclose or refer to Contents without the approval of the owner of their copyright unless allowed by laws and regulations regarding intellectual property rights including the copy, reference, etc. for the purpose of personal use.
  • Users are allowed to use Website and to download and print out Website in accordance with Terms of Use and related laws.
  • The rights regarding individual marks, logotypes, trade names, etc. used on Website shall belong to Association or the owners of the individual rights.
    Unless permitted by laws including Trademark Act, you are prohibited to use them or commit similar acts without obtaining a permission of Association.


  • While paying various attentions in posting information on Website, Association does not guarantee that such information is complete, accurate, usable, safe, etc.
  • Association does not provide any guarantee regarding the secure provision of Contents or the results of your access to them.
  • Contents of Website is a part of information on the activities of Association and therefore are not necessarily comprehensive.
  • Contents of Website are information as of the time they are posted. Without notice, they may be deleted and/or their name and details may be changed. In addition, Association will not assume any responsibility for any inconsistency between posted information and actual contents caused due to the progress of time or any damage caused on Users resulting from its change and/or deletion.
  • The address of Website including its top page may be changed without notice. Association will not be responsible for any damage caused on Users attributable including to any inconvenience regarding the broken link display due to the change and/or deletion of Contents of Website as well as its address change.
  • Association does not provide any guarantee regarding the preciseness, rationality, etc. of the information posted on those websites linked from Website. In case that any problem has occurred through the use of a linked website, you shall take care of it on your own responsibility as such linked website is responsible for its handling.
  • Association will not be responsible for any damage caused on Users resulting from the suspension of the service of Website owing to the act of Gods including natural disasters such as earthquake, fire, war, terrorism, internal strife, strike, virus and/or interference by third parties.
  • Association will not assume any responsibility for any damage caused on Users by other websites' making the fraudulent use of Website's name and/or spoofing Website.

Prohibited Acts

You shall not commit any act listed below in using Website.

  • Any act violating any property, privacy, etc. of third parties or Association or any act likely to violate them.
  • Any act causing any disadvantages and/or damages on third parties or Association or any act likely to cause them.
  • Any act defaming and/or damaging the credibility of third parties or Association or any act likely to defame and/or damage the credibility of third parties or Association.
  • Any act offending public order and morals or any act likely to offend them.
  • Any criminal act or any act leading to a crime or likely to commit a crime.
  • Any act making a false claim and/or report such as registering the email address of a third party.
  • Any act using or providing any harmful program including computer viruses or any act likely to use or provide it.
  • Any act violating any laws, regulations or ordinances or any act likely to violate them.
  • Any other acts that Association regards as inappropriate.


  • Website has been making continuous efforts for enhancing security in order to prevent any troubles happening such as the fraudulent access to, loss, crush, falsification, divulgation, etc. of personal information of Users. Please understand beforehand that there is a risk of information divulgation in your using Website considering the nature of Internet communication.
  • Regarding its service of handling personal information, Website employs Secure Sockets Layer (a type of cryptographic communication technology abbreviated as SSL) for securing the safety of Users.

Recommended Viewing Environment

You are recommended to equip with an environment satisfying the following conditions for using Website.
If you view Website under an environment other than this recommended one, or even if you view Website under the recommended environment, depending on the setting of your browser, you might not be able to use Website properly.

Applicable OS
  • WindowsWindows 7 and 8 and 8.1 and 10 and above
  • MacintoshMac OS X 10.11 and above
  • iOSiOS 10.0 and above
  • AndroidAndroid 6.0 / 7.0 and above
Supported Browser
  • Windows7 / 8 / 8.1Internet Explorer 11、Firefox(Latest Version)、Google Chrome(Latest Version)
  • Windows10Microsoft Edge(Latest Version)、Firefox(Latest Version)、Google Chrome(Latest Version)
  • MacintoshSafari(Latest Version)、Firefox(Latest Version)、Google Chrome(Latest Version)
  • iOSSafari(Latest Version)
  • AndroidGoogle Chrome(Latest Version)

The plug-in listed below is needed for a part of Contents.

Adobe® Reader

You need to have an Adobe® Reader offered by Adobe Systems for free of charge to view files in PDF format. If you don't, please click the button for downloading it.


Website employs JavaScript. If your browser is not compatible with JavaScript or its function is disabled, you might not be able to view Website and/or Contents are not displayed properly.

Web Accessibility Policy

In order for more people to comfortably use Website, we aim to create a website respecting accessibility by adopting a Web standard technology proposed by W3C and others, but Website is not compatible with any special browser such as a one giving consideration to the voice function.


You are free to link any website to Website in principle. However, any link falling under any of the following items shall be declined.

  • Any link from the websites defaming and/or lowering the dignity of Association and Website such as those offending public order and morals.
  • Any link from the websites considered as containing the contents violating laws and regulations or likely to contain such contents.
  • Any form of link damaging the clarity of Website such as an in-frame link.
  • Any link from the websites that could mislead people into recognizing that they have some collaborative or cooperative relationships with Association.
  • Any direct link to images, videos, program codes, etc.
  • Any other links that Association judges as inappropriate.
  • Please understand that any mutual link with Website is not allowed in principle.


  • Website and these rules shall be interpreted and operated by the laws of Japan.
  • Any conflict arising out of Website and these rules shall be subject to a district court or a summary court which has the jurisdiction over the location of Association as the agreed exclusive jurisdiction of first instance.
  • Any conflict arising between Users and Association concerning Website, its services or these rules shall be sincerely handled in order to obtain a resolution satisfying both the parties. Please note that Association has no obligation to be involved in any conflict between Users and third parties.