Journey on the historic sea-to-city-bound passage

Journey on the historic sea-to-city-bound passage

Day 1

Omi-Takashima Sta.

It takes about 5 minutes on foot.

Takashima Village

  • Takashima Village
  • Required TimeAbout 60 Minutes

    You can have various experiences such as dining and drinking coffee in this Japanese-style house renovated from a commercial house in Edo Period.

  • Address Katsuno,Takashima City,Shiga

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About 5 minutes walk to Omi Takashima Station → About 3 minutes by train from Omi-Takashima Station to Adogawa Station → About 15 minutes walk from Adogawa Station

Roadside station Toju-no-sato Adogawa

  • Roadside station Toju-no-sato Adogawa
  • Required TimeAbout 60 Minutes

    A rest stop and market with the products of some 300 farmers and manufacturers from Takashima City. Fresh vegetables, delicatessen foods, Japanese and Western confectionery, as well as local products: Ado berry, Omi folding fans, Takashima Chijimi fabrics, and Umpei-fude calligraphy brushes.

  • Address 1162-1 Adogawa-cho Aoyagi,Takashima City,Shiga
  • Tel +81-740-32-8460

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About 15 minutes walk to Adogawa Station→About 35 minutes by bus from Adogawa Station

Maruhachi former department store

  • Maruhachi former department store
  • Required TimeAbout 30 Minutes

    It is a free resting place in Kutsuki. Local aunties will warmly welcome you. Take a break with the famous tochimochi-zenzai (azuki bean soup with mochi pounded with tochi - Japanese horse-chestnut), and amazake, beverage made from fermented rice.

  • Address 838 Kutsuki Ichiba,Takashima City,Shiga
  • Tel +81-740-38-3711

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About 35 minutes by bus to Adogawa Station

Day 2

Omi-Imazu Sta.

About 60 minutes by bus to Obama Station → About 10 minutes walk from Obama Station

Obama Saba Kaido Museum

  • Obama Saba Kaido Museum
  • Required TimeAbout 60 Minutes

    For your better understanding of the town, this museum introduces the cultural property, traditional arts and festivals of Obama and its Saba Kaido Road or Mackerel Road. The road and the local traditional Kitamae Ship are designated as Japanese Heritage.

  • Address 17-1 Obamahiromine, Obama City, Fukui
  • Tel +81-770-64-6034

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About 10 minutes walk to Obama Station → About 20 minutes by train from Obama Station to Wakasa Hongo Station → About 20 minutes walk from Wakasa Hongo Station


  • Required TimeAbout 30 Minutes

    A commercial complex based on the concept of 'a park built by everyone'. In addition to café dining, an outdoor store and a fashion store, it also has an office area with co-working spaces and shared offices. It is the starting point for a journey to enjoy Wakasa and an incubation facility that accepts numerous challenges.

  • Address 1-8-5 Narumi, Oi-cho, Oi-gun, Fukui
  • Tel +81-770-77-4489

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About 20 minutes walk to Wakasa Hongo Station →About 18 minutes by train from Wakasa Hongo Station to Wakasa Takahama Station→About 20 minutes walk from Wakasa Takahama Station

Meikyodo sea cave

  • Meikyodo sea cave
  • Required TimeAbout 60 Minutes

    One of the eight sea caves in Shiroyama Park in Takahama. Its name means that the view of the horizon seen through the cave looks like a mirror. From the promenade in the park, visitors can watch the beautiful sunset, which has been selected as one of the best 100 sunsets.

  • Address Kotoshiro, Takahama Cho, Oi-gun, Fukui (in Shiroyama Park)
  • Tel Wakasa Takahama Tourism Association / +81-770-72-0338

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About 20 minutes walk

Wakasa Takahama Sta./Going Home