Summer Lake Biwa Experience Cours

Summer Lake Biwa Experience Cours

Day 1

It takes about 7 minutes on foot.

SUP tours【Takagihama Auto campsite】

  • SUP tours【Takagihama Auto campsite】
  • Required TimeAbout 90 minutes

    Let's walk around the best lake in Japan by trendy SUP! With the guidance of a local person, anyone can experience it without feeling any difficulty.

  • Address 763-1 Makino-cho Nishihama,Takashima City,Shiga
  • Tel +81-0740-33-7101(Biwako Takashima Tourist Association)

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Take a walk ⇒ Take a bus from Makino Stop for about 15 minutes

Avenue of Metasequoias

  • Avenue of Metasequoias
  • Required TimeAbout 30 minutes

    About 500 metasequoia are standing side by side across 2.4 km, attracting tourists by changing their appearance in every season.

  • Address Makino-cho Hiruguchi~Makino,Takashima City,Shiga
  • Tel +81-0740-33-7101(Biwako Takashima Tourist Association)

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Take a short walk.

Fruit picking【Makino Pickland】

  • Fruit picking【Makino Pickland】
  • Required TimeAbout 90 minutes

    Here is an agricultural park where you can enjoy seasonal fruit pickings. You can also find restaurants, cafes and souvenir/gift shops in this park. (Blueberry/Early June -; Grape/Early August -)

  • Address 835-1 Makino-cho Terakubo,Takashima City,Shiga
  • Tel +81-0740-27-1811

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Day 2


5-minute walk from Omi-Imazu Sta.

Chikubushima Cruise【Imazu Port】

  • Chikubushima Cruise【Imazu Port】
  • Required TimeAbout 2 hours and 10 minutes

    A regular sightseeing ship bound to "Tikubu Island", a spiritual site floating on Lake Biwa, is in service, providing a round-trip service and a one-way trip service arriving at Nagahama Port on the opposite shore.

  • Address 30 Imazu-cho Imazu,Takashima City,Shiga
  • Tel +81-0740-22-1747

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Take a walk ⇒ Take a bus from Omi-Imazu Stop for about 30 minutes

Kansai Flower Park Hakodateyama

  • Kansai Flower Park Hakodateyama
  • Required TimeAbout 2 hours

    It takes about 8 minutes for you to reach the mountaintop by eight-seater gondola. You can enjoy a superb view of Lake Biwa from the viewing deck there at the altitude of 630 meters. Its parfait shaped like an original lamp is very popular (Opening in Summer/Mid of July - )

  • Address Imazu-cho Hiokimae,TakashimaCity,Shiga
  • Tel +81-0740-22-2486

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Take a bus ⇒ Take a train from Omi-Imazu Sta. ⇒ Take a taxi from Omi-Takashima Sta. for about 45 minutes

Shirahige-jinja Shrine

  • Shirahige-jinja Shrine
  • Required TimeAbout 30 minutes

    This taisha (Great Shrine) is the oldest one in Ohmi Area established 1,900 years ago. Its torii (Shinto gate) in red is floating on Lake Biwa, popular among tourists as a spiritual site with magnificent views.

  • Address 215 Ukawa,Takashima City,Shiga
  • Tel +81-0740-36-1555

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It takes about 5 minutes by Taxi

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